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Thanks for your interest in Arizona Balloon. We will get back to you within 24 hours, probably sooner!
We have many brilliant advertising balloons colors available at no additional charge. Are you looking for a helium balloon, blimp or custom shape? Our blimp material is TOUGH! It is 3.5 mil thick and made of a special material developed for NASA!
Please look at the photos to see the quality of our work!
If you need something different or unusual please contact us.

Call 1-541-910-3697 or email us at [email protected] Thank-you!

Advertising balloons, helium blimps, dvertising blimps and advertising inflatables for all budgets!

Give us a call or email with any questions! We have hundreds of advertising balloons in stock!!

Helium Advertising Blimps
  2005 Helium Advertising Blimps | call 1-541-910-3697   email:[email protected]