Traditional Ads, SEO marketing, And hot Air Balloons!!

Your Message up High!!

When a business owner thinks about advertising they are always thinking about reach and cost. Whether it be a billboard, bench at a bus stop, or a blimp the intent is the same. Be seen.

Internet marketing has began to dominate the advertising scene. It has taken a lion share of the dollars once allocated towards television and radio. The ability that an advertiser has to target a specific Niche audience all the while tracking the results and ROI of the ads, makes this a no-brainer. Its outside of our expertise, but if you want more info about that avenue then visit DizzyWeb Seo they are an Edmonton Seo Company

However, there are many situations where it might be valuable for a business to go for situational impressions. An example might be to use a blimp over the water to advertise your ice cream shop to those basking in the hot sun at the beach. Or the infamous fly over an NFL game. These are, without a doubt, contingent on the budget of the advertiser and the specific motive behind the advertising tactic.

The point being that, depending on your product or service, the hot air balloon method might be an excellent way to increase your impressions in a non digital context. Just as an example check out



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